• How To Find The Finest False Eyelashes For Your Eye Shape?

    Havida Lashes Do you have the desire to improve your eyelashes by adding length, volume, and fullness? Or perhaps you have found that your current lash extensions don’t match well for you. If so, you may want to consider false eyelashes. But if you’re going to be a “do-it-yourself” girl, you may want to check your eye shape first. Understand Your Eye Shape Determining...
  • A Simple Guide to Eye Makeup Products

    Eye makeup is a cosmetic process usually applied around the eye area to make the eyes look more appealing or stand out. It is typically used in daytime, night, or some occasions. Eye makeup products include eye-shadow, eyeliner, eyebrow products, eyelashes, and other products that can help to enhance and accent the eyes. Mascara Mascaras are cosmetics that thicken, lengthen, and usually darken the...
  • Advantages of Magnetic Eyelash

    Magnetic lashes have been the latest fad to captivate the cosmetics industry and the fashion world. Many women are using magnetic lashes for a few reasons. For one, it provides a natural look to your eyes, primarily if you use a high-quality brand. Also, they are convenient because you can wear them for a short time. It's also safe to say that they do...
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